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Functional neurological disorder refers to an abnormality in the functioning of the nervous system. Generally speaking, it is a dysfunction of how our brain receives information from the rest of the body. Sometimes, the functional neurological disorder can also be called conversion disorder. A variety of symptoms present in this type of disease include seizures, fatigue, and other problems.


Functional neurological disorders are usually examined with the help of MRI, EEG, and other scans. The necessary advances in medicine can help us better understand these disorders and, as a result, provide more effective care.

Main Causes and Risk Factors

Generally, there are no known causes of functional neurological disorders, but there are certain theories that can help shed light on potential risks. Generally, they depend on the symptoms and involve different mechanisms within the brain. As functional neurological disorders may appear after a physical or emotional trauma, stress, or

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Guide For Buying Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are always very handy to have in your home. This is because you can use them for various purposes. Many oils are kept in dropper bottles, but perfumes are also stored in them. Dropper bottles are characterised by their closure, and with these you can also drip. So, it can also be medicines or other important liquids stored in them. Having high-quality dropper bottles is very important for preserving the contents. Many people opt for plastic dropper bottles, but this is not convenient at all. In fact, there are many disadvantages to this, and it is better to opt for glass ones. Why is glass so much better? In this article, we go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Glass is durable

Glass is sustainable if you compare it to plastic, and this is mainly because of its production. Plastic is truly Read the rest

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Pharmacy

Some of the crucial decisions that you can make within your lifetime include choosing the right pharmacy. You must make sure that you have selected a pharmacy that offers convenience and the drugs within the store should also be affordable. In some instances, you may have to choose between different pharmacies depending on your location; as a result, you should also take some time and evaluate some factors before you can make a final decision. Here are  some of the tips that you should consider when looking for the right pharmacy.

Look for a Pharmacy that Accepts Insurance

When looking for a pharmacy, you should first make an inquiry about whether the pharmacy accepts insurance. The main reason why insurance policies are essential is because a person will spend less money when seeking treatment and purchasing drugs. After inquiring whether the pharmacy accepts insurance covers as a payment option, you … Read the rest

The Role of OB-GYN in the Health and Medical Field

The OB-GYN area is weaved into the health and medical field and has a very defined specialty area. The entire sector specializes in the following delicate areas; female reproductive, childbirth and pregnancies. An obstetrician-gynecologist takes much care looking after and treating the female population and tending to their unique needs.

Gynecology: A Medical Practice Concerned with Female Well-Being

Gynecology is a medical practice that primarily focuses on the well-being of females. This sector has been called a science of women. Women’s health is considered to be highly important and must be handled with the utmost care. The focus is to diagnose and prevent any gynecological diseases while viewing any fertility issues or concerns. Focusing on the womb of a female will incorporate following through with an entire pregnancy and delivering a newborn baby into the world. Gynecology is vital in health and medicine because this specialty is requiring a thoughtful … Read the rest

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